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Okay so your going to turbo your bike; and the first question you have to ask yourself is “do I really want to go through all the pain and grief of this process just for a few extra ponies at the rear wheel”. Once you finish pondering life in fast lane and nod your head vigorously then I guess your good to go!

My motivation was simple – albeit not what most folks would think – as my goal is to set a Land Speed record at some point in the next two years. My racing class will be in the modified, 1350cc or less engine, blown (ie a turbo) and running standard pump gas. The speed record down under in Australia and New Zealand has not yet been set so that makes things a little easier; however I am targeting 156mph which will just top the current Bonneville record. I think I may need a couple of attempts to get there but its a good a goal as any to set my sights on; have a look here for the two current records (SCTA).


Just a brief bit on the selection process and why an Aerocharger Turbo was selected.

Turbo Install

Here is the main build – its a work in progress as I have close the 300 pictures taken throughout the build.


Under Construction using a Zetronix WO2 System

Other things

Other items such as a steering damper and add-ons (not always related to going fast though)

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