Sporty Ramflo

Okay, So its not a big task – took me around a day of tinkering and tuning to get it right.

Parts List:

  • Ramflo 600 Air-filter unit
    • Note:  In hindsight I bought the wrong unit as my one had a single hole in the back-plate for a Weber carb.  You can get them with a blank backing plate that has no holes in it which would make the entire operation a lot simpler (unit cost $65)
  • A spare air cleaner backing plate for your model bike (for $20 on eBay I got an entire new takeoff setup that included cover, filter and back plate!)
  • The Harley badge you can buy from your local dealer for about $15 (its in the 2015 catalog) or just keep the Ramflo one as its not that bad looking
  • Some 5/8″ hose to press over the oil breathers in the heads which then redirects the mist back into the air-filter – just like the OEM setup.
    • I use EFI grade hose as its very rigid
    • You could ignore this and use whatever venting system you want; I just prefer to keep it simple and like stock.
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