Selecting the ‘Snail’

Okay, well after reviewing at length both types of units here is the list I put together to help compare things. Note that I also considered Blow-off Valves and Intercooling, but those issues remain regardless of which solution I went with.

FeatureAerochargerGarrett StyleNotes
Simple InstallationYesSort ofGarrett styles need oil and water plumbing etc wich makes the install more complicated
Boost Levels0-15lbs0-20+lbsOnce over 10-15lbs both units really need an Inter-cooler.
WastgateNot required as the variable vanes do the jobRequiredWith the Garrett style the wastegate can be internal or external
Oil InNot required as it has an integrated oil systemOil feed from engineOn the Garrett both plumbing the oil and getting the pressure spot on are not trivial tasks
Oil OutNot required as it has an integrated oil systemOil return, by pump
Water cooledNot required nor neededsometimes
OrientationAny directionvery specific needsThe Garrett style can typically be 'clocked' though


What swung it was a combination of Oiling and Orientation.

The Aerocharger runs an internal self contained oil system using Synthetic oil while the Garrett needs both a pressure supply from the engine as well as a return hose (that depending upon how high the turbo mounts may or may not need a scavenger pump as well)

Orientation wise the Aerocharger can be mounted flat or vertical and at many different angles; which absolutely blows away what the Garrett can handle. The only negative is that you cannot ‘clock’ an Aerocharger unit – this has to be done by the factory.

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